Atomic Time Synchronizer

Atomic Time Synchronizer 15.0

Synchronizes computer time with NIST atomic time servers
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Atomic Time Synchronizer allows you to have your computer's clock on time. The time is synchronized with the Coordinated Universal Time, which is the time standard used to regulate time all over the world. It also allows you to use your computer as a time server, so you can synchronize other computers with the time of your computer’s clock. With the usual Windows Date and Time Properties you can automatically synchronize your computer's clock with an internet time server, but you have to know the address of a server if you want to use any different from the two suggested sites.
With Atomic Time Synchronizer you can use the Atomic Time Server (NIST time) or one of the 25 time servers from different regions of the world. You can connect to a server with the usual TIME protocol or use the SNTP protocol (Simple Network Time Protocol). You can manually set the synchronization interval time. Other important aspect is that Windows Date and Time only use the GMT format, and Atomic Time Synchronizer allows you to use the GMT plus the UTC time format.

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